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Registrations are closed.

The registration fee is 200 EUR.

The payment of the fee is managed with the support of EAI - ESF via PayPal (4.49% + 0.39 EUR of PayPal services cost).

Please note that selections to the school are limited to 50 places.

Please read very carefully:

The registration does not ensure the enrollment!

  1. After the registration deadline, people will be selected as fairly as possible across career stages and disciplines. We welcome the submission of abstracts for the poster session. Only 30 posters will be selected.

  2. After 5 working days from the registration deadline, you will receive an email where you will be communicated if you were admitted to the school or not. In the email you will find the PayPal account details to which you will make the money transfer with the registration fee amount

  3. You will have to answer this email with a pdf/file as a proof of the money transfer within the 31st of March. If you do not answer to the email, you will be deselected and the first person of the waiting list will be picked out.

  4. Congratulations! Now you are successfully admitted to the School! (You could start looking at how to get to Florence, in the Practicals we put some advices...)

What is included in the registration fee?

  • School enrollment;

  • 4 nights at Plus Florence hostel:

    • check-in on Monday 20th May 2024, check-out on Friday 24th May 2024, breakfast included;​

  • 1 dinner at Plus Florence hostel on Tuesday 21st May 2024;​

  • Coffee and Lunch breaks.

You cannot join the school without registering.

The selection is linked to the Accommodation, thus it is limited to 50 places. We described above the criterion of selection. You cannot join the school without staying at the Plus Florence hostel because of the limited people capacity of the School Venue.

What is not included in the registration fee?

  • Icebreaker Aperitivo;

  • Social Dinner;

  • Karaoke Night.

The Icebreaker Aperitivo, Social Dinner and Karaoke Night are not included in the registration fee and you will pay them at the registration sessions.

The cost is 50 EUR per person (for all the three events). 

The Local Organizing Committee

Registration supported by EAI

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