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The Accommodation is linked to the Registration, thus it is limited to 50 places. Once the 50 places are finished, we are not going to accept any other registration requests, both for the school and for the accommodation. You cannot join the school without staying at the Plus Florence hostel because of the limited people capacity of the Venue.

The Accommodation is the Plus Florence hostel in Via Santa Caterina D'Alessandria, 15 (Firenze). Check the Practicals on how to reach it.

You need to check-in on Monday, 20th May 2024 and check-out on Friday, 24th May 2024. The breakfast is included. 

You have 1 dinner included at the Plus Florence hostel on Tuesday, 21st May 2024 (dinner with the LOC).

The available rooms are:

  • 8-bed dormitory

  • 6-bed dormitory

  • 2x 4-bed room

  • 6x 3-bed room

  • 5x 2-bed room

We will arrange attendees in rooms according to their preferences. We will do the best we can to accommodate everyone's requests but we kindly ask you for a little spirit of adaptation. 

The Local Organizing Committee

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